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My business book for driving instructors has gone live today!

Since 2006 I have been a driving instructor and have owned a multi-car driving school since 2010.  Then in 2020 after qualifying as a bookkeeper I set up my bookkeeping practice – Drive Ahead Bookkeeping.  Over the years, the more I’ve learned about business, the more I’ve realised that driving instructor training doesn’t generally include any formal business training – but all driving instructors, either independent or franchised are small business owners.  So during the lockdown in January 2021 I started to write my book which has been released today (click on the image below to be directed to my Amazon purchase page:

The book has something for everyone and is split into 5 parts.  Part 1 is aimed at new instructors (although experienced instructors will take some little nuggets from it) and it provides loads of detailed information about what’s needed to get started in business.  From setting up as a business, to choosing your car, to deciding whether to take out a franchise or go independent plus much more.  Part 2 delves into creating a business plan and how to set achievable goals to grow your business, and then we explore the different ways of marketing your business in Part 3.  Part 4 covers finance which can often be a minefield, but I share my knowledge and experience to help you understand your accounts and what records you need to keep, and I’ll even help you understand how capital allowances apply to your business.  Part 5 dips into health and wellbeing, an area that is commonly overlooked by driving instructors.

The book is available to purchase here at Amazon

Here’s what people are saying about this book:

“As a self-employed person you are often expected to be good at everything! However those in the know understand that you just have to be ‘good enough’ at everything to make it work. Dave Shannon provides a brilliant overview and just enough detail to explain what you need, without drowning you in percentages or capital expenditure. In an industry where good information is traditionally hard to find Are You Ready For Business delivers a must have for the driving instructors toolbox.” – Chris Bensted The Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective (The DITC)

“A very readable book on a subject that can be quite daunting. Dave illustrates key points with clear examples to expel the mysteries of bookkeeping for driving instructors, along with good advice on running your business.” Sarah Alcock, Drive Ahead School of Motoring

“First let me say thank you for writing this book, I enjoyed every page of it, it is a very good read, I strongly believe that the industry needs this! You’ve touched on some very important points!” – Gary Thompson, TDT driver training

Pick up your copy today at Amazon


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